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Private Individual Consultation

Answer to consultation via email or phone:

  • Simple query: 50€ + vat (60,50€)HIRE
  • Complex query: 100€ + vat (121€)HIRE

Online review of contracts

Through email:

  • Max. 5 pages : 60 € + vat (62,60€ )HIRE
  • Over 5 pages: 100 € + vat (121€)HIRE

Drafting contracts online

If you are thinking of selling your car, motorcycle, or any other belonging to another individual:

  • Simple sale or lease: From 100 € + vat (121€)HIRE

Services for companies or others

Depending on difficulty, ask for price in info@lvglegal.com or by telephone.


We advise you in everything you need:

  • Regulatory agreement on parental relations and economic measures: 600 € + vat (726€)HIRE
  • Divorce of mutual agreement with liquidation of acquisitions and regulatory agreement of parental and economic measures: 650€ + vat (786,50€)HIRE
  • Contentious divorce: Ask for priceASK

Claims for quantity

Do not hesitate to contact LVG Legal for any quantity claim:

  • Preliminary Claim For Payment: 100 € + vat (121€)HIRE
  • Claim For Payment Lawsuit: Check for price, min. 300€ + vat (363€)ASK
  • Extrajudicial agreement: Percentage of the amount claimed.ASK

Financial And Banking Advice

No dude en contactar con LVG Legal para cualquier asesoramiento financiero:

  • No files: 150€ + vat (181.50 €)HIRE
  • Files: 1 contract 200€ + vat (242€)HIRE
  • Over 1 contract: Ask for priceASK

Comprehensive Advice About Property Purchase

Review and drafting contract, notary and register procedures, taxes and conveyancing deliveries:

  • Price: 400€ + vat (484 €)HIRE
  • Only one procedure: Ask for priceASK


Do not hesitate to contact LVG Legal for any advice on evictions:

  • Previous burofax: 100€ + vat (121€) (Includes burofax cost)HIRE
  • Depends on the amount and actions to be exercised: From 400€ + vatASK


Complete process (last wills, conveyancing, taxex, Register, banking procedures):

  • Price: 600€ + vat (726€)HIRE
  • Only one procedure: Check the priceASK
  • Writing of willASK

Working consultant and business advice

Labor advice for your company at the best price:

  • Up to 3 employees: 50€/mes vat includedKNOW MORE
  • 4 to 8 employees: 75€/mes vat includedKNOW MORE
  • 8 or more employees: Check the priceKNOW MORE

They include high and low social security, hiring and firing, as well as continued legal advice.

Labor and accounting advice:

Analysis and viability of copyright and registration and defense of intellectual property rights

Derecho penal

  • Legal representation at policy: 120€ + vat (150€)HIRE
  • Speedy trial: With legal representation at policy and courts 400€ + vat (484€)HIRE
  • Minor crime trial: 250€ + vat (302,50€)HIRE
  • Alcohol crimes: 450€ + vat (544,50€)HIRE
  • Accusation: Study of issue 150€ + vat (181,50€)HIRE
  • Abbreviated procedureASK
  • Ordinary procedureASK
  • Civil liabilityASK

For any questions about any other service, do not hesitate to contact us by going to our offices in Monforte de Lemos (Lugo), Ourense or Madrid; or, also, through our email or telephone. We will assist you in the shortest possible time.