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Online consultation

Answer to consultation via email or phone:

  • Simple query: €70HIRE
  • Complex query: €140 HIRE

Online review of contracts

Through email:

  • Review of contracts 1-5 pages: €80HIRE
  • Review of contracts of more than 5 pages ASK

Drafting contracts online

If you are thinking of selling your car, motorcycle, or any other belonging to another individual:

  • Simple sale or lease: From €180HIRE
  • Other contracts: to consultASK


Application, modification of stockings, divorce or separation by mutual agreement with liquidation of community property: from €1,200


  • Processing Residence and Nationality: from €300ASK
  • Other procedures: to consultASK

Financial Advice

  • Advice and review of documents: from €275ASK


Complete procedure (testament, last will, records, bank certifications, tax filing): from €1,000

Legal advice and business management

  • Up to 3 employees: €100HIRE
  • Of 4 or more employees: to consultASK

Criminal law and procedure

  • Study of the cause: €200HIRE
  • Assistance to detainee: €170HIRE
  • Misdemeanor trial: €300HIRE
  • Speedy criminal trial: €600HIRE
  • Breathalyzer: €600HIRE
  • Abbreviated, ordinary or ordinary summary proceedings: on requestASK
  • Jury Law Procedure: on requestASK

Civil procedurel

By amount

  • Oral:(claims or amounts up to €6,000): 12% of the amount claimed with a minimum of €400ASK
  • Ordinary: (claims or amounts of more than €6,000): 12% of the claim with a minimum of €800ASK

By subject

  • Procedures for Fundamental Rights, Obligations and contracts (termination, compliance, quantity claims...): to consultASK

Eviction proceedings

  • Drafting and sending burofax: €145HIRE
  • Procedure:from €500ASK

For any questions about any other service, do not hesitate to contact us by going to our offices in Monforte de Lemos (Lugo), Ourense or Madrid; or, also, through our email or by phone. We will attend to you in the shortest possible time. All prices include VAT.