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We are a group of professionals of the law that after an intense and continuous professional career in different sectors, companies and collaborations, we decided to unite under the name "Legal LVG" to give a comprehensive and multidisciplinary legal service to Individuals and companies in Galicia, Madrid and via online.

Our physical offices are located in Madrid, Ourense, and Monforte de Lemos (Lugo); However, we provide legal and advisory services at the national and international level through the online services of our website and by telephone. In this way, we guarantee immediacy, quality and a personalized service to our clients, in Spanish, Galician and English, on those subjects that do not require physical assistance. In addition to having multiple collaborations in various legal areas, LVG legal is made up of four professionals with a long experience in the sector and specialized in different fields, to give our clients a wide range of services.

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Our team

Sabela Gonzalo Vázquez

I am a Member of the Association of Lawyers of Madrid (ICA Madrid). I specialise in international and national commercial contracts and all legal issues regarding private business: commercial law, copyright, complaints and mediation between businesses, and national and international tender.

I have many years of experience of working in leading multinational companies on a variety sectors, for example new technology sector and pharmaceutical sector. I give advise on international and private law.

Katherinie Varela Fernández

I am a member of the Association of Lawyers of Lugo (ICA Lugo). I have extensive knolwedge and experience of working in the banking sector. I Initially worked as an employee in a bank for ten years, during this period i advised customers about financial products adhering to a strict. Therefore, nowadays i give totally independence financial advise.

Furthermore, I have a master in employment law and I have extended experience about employment trials and claims against seguridad social.

Ildara Losada López

I am member if the Association of lawyers of Ourense (ICA Ourense). I studied to be a lawyer at the Perez Avila Law School in Ica Ourense.

I have studied various legal courses at the consello de avogacía de Galicia in civil and penal law. Im specialise in domestic violence and family mediation.

Furthermore, i am an expert in Banking Law and i have represented an important national bank in the courts.

Carlos Varela Estévez

I am member if the Association of lawyers of Ourense (ICA Ourense). I have studied law at the university of Vigo. I have been working as a lawyer for fisteen years. I am specialise in civil rights, specially in the rigths of the family. Moreover, I am quialified in family mediation and i have many years experience in this field.

I also specialise in criminal law, in particular sexual crimes domestic violence. I have extensive experience in negotiation with prosecutors in relation to different criminal law matters.

LVG Legal

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