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Criminal law is one of the most important branches of the legal system, since it regulates the most serious behaviors that threaten people's fundamental legal rights, such as life, liberty, integrity, property or honor. Therefore, it is essential to have a good criminal lawyer who defends your rights and interests in any situation that may affect them.

At LVG Legal we are criminal lawyers in Monforte de Lemos with extensive experience and recognition in this branch of law. We offer a professional, personalized and quality service to our clients, both in defense and prosecution. Our criminal office is based in Monforte de Lemos, but we provide assistance in the provinces of Lugo and Ourense, also with office in this last city.

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Criminal lawyer in Lugo

Three reasons to choose us as criminal lawyers

Personalized advice

We study each case in detail, analyze the legal options available and design the best defense or prosecution strategy. In addition, our crime lawyer is responsible for maintaining fluid and transparent communication with our clients, informing them at all times of the status of their case and resolving all their doubts.

Wide experience

At LVG Legal we have a team of criminal lawyers with extensive experience, solid legal training and a long history in the practice of law. We have intervened in numerous cases of different nature and complexity, achieving satisfactory results for our clients thanks to our knowledge of the criminal system.

Maximum commitment

Our goal is to achieve the best possible result for each case, seeking acquittal, reduction of sentence or appropriate compensation. To achieve this, we work with dedication, diligence and honesty, respecting the code of ethics of the legal profession.

Remember that our criminal lawyers adapt to any case

Criminal office in Lugo

Crimes against collective health

We specialize in crimes that endanger the health or life of a group of people, either through actions or omissions. Within this category are crimes against road safety (such as driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs) and against public health (those related to the production, trafficking and consumption of substances). If you are involved in an event of this type, trust our lawyers for crimes against public health.

Criminal office in Lugo

Crimes against freedom

Crimes against freedom are those that violate the fundamental right to make decisions, free from coercion or threats. This includes the crimes of threats, coercion, illegal detention, kidnapping... All of these actions carry serious punishments and very serious prison sentences, so the advice of lawyers specializing in criminal law is essential for anyone who is involved in events of this type: our criminal office is at your disposal.

Criminal office in Lugo

Family and gender violence

As experts in criminal law, we deal with various cases of crimes against family relationships, from cases of identity theft or family abandonment, to child abuse or abduction. Gender violence is, specifically, a specific form of this type of crime, which is characterized by being exercised by a man on a woman with whom he maintains or has maintained an emotional relationship, based on a situation of inequality and domination.

Criminal office in Lugo

Heritage and socioeconomic

Crimes against property are those that affect the set of assets that belong to a person or an entity. With these crimes, what the perpetrators seek is to illegitimately deteriorate or appropriate property that does not belong to them, or obtain an illicit economic benefit. The category ranges from vandalism or damage due to natural causes, to scams with computer manipulation, robberies, robberies, theft of property, misappropriation...

Criminal lawyers specialized in quick trials

One of the specialties of our criminal office is quick trials. These are abbreviated criminal proceedings, which are processed for crimes punishable by a prison sentence of less than 5 years or a fine, and are held within a maximum period of 15 days from the arrest of the alleged perpetrator.

The importance of legal advice in quick trials is fundamental, since these are processes that can have serious consequences for the accused or the victim. Therefore, it is important to contact a criminal lawyer, since they will assist you from the first moment, guaranteeing respect for your rights and defending your interests. Furthermore, with our crime lawyer service in Lugo, we can accompany you throughout the entire process and help you negotiate a possible reduction in the sentence.

Our criminal office offers assistance to detainees at police and judicial offices

At LVG Legal we have lawyers specializing in criminal law who guarantee assistance to detainees at police and judicial offices. This service consists of guaranteeing respect for the rights of the detainee from the first moment, assisting them during their statements, requesting their release or the adoption of appropriate precautionary measures, and presenting the pertinent resources.

Assistance to detainees is a fundamental right that is guaranteed to every person who is deprived of liberty due to a criminal case. During this process, before going to court, it is essential that you have the support and advice of a criminal lawyer, who will inform you about your rights and duties, guide you and ensure your defense.

Crime lawyer in Lugo

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