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Are you looking for family lawyers? At LVG Legal we offer a wide variety of services related to this branch of law, from divorces to inheritances, including family mediation, claims for amounts, eviction procedures, leases, damage law and civil liability, obligations and contracts...

We are a team of family law lawyers in Lugo with extensive experience, and we guarantee the best solutions for your case. We have offices in Monforte and Ourense, where we will assist you with professionalism and closeness. Do not hesitate to contact us and request an appointment: at LVG Legal we are at your service.

Family law lawyers in Lugo

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Divorce lawyers in Lugo

Contentious divorce

Contentious divorce is one in which the spouses do not reach an agreement on the conditions of the breakup. In this case, it will be necessary to go to a matrimonial lawyer to start a judicial process, where the judge will be the one who decides on the measures to be adopted.

Divorce lawyers in Lugo

Divorce by mutual agreement

In divorce by mutual agreement, the spouses agree on the conditions of the breakup, without the need to go to trial. Our divorce lawyers in Lugo assist you with drafting a regulatory agreement with the measures agreed upon between the interested parties.

Inheritance lawyers in Lugo

Discover everything we can help you with as inheritance lawyers

In our office we have inheritance lawyers: we know that the management of this type of process can be complex and delicate, and require appropriate legal advice. For this reason, we put our experience and professionalism at your disposal to help you resolve any issue related to inheritance law.

Whether you need a lawyer to make a will, to claim a legitimate inheritance, to contest an inheritance or to settle the inheritance tax, at LVG Legal we will offer you personalized and effective attention thanks to our inheritance lawyers. We will guide you about your rights or obligations, and we will assist you in all the necessary procedures to obtain the adjudication and possession of the hereditary assets.

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Family law lawyers in Lugo

Family mediation

Family mediation consists of the intervention of a professional to reach a satisfactory agreement on a conflict. Our family matters lawyers in Lugo will accompany you throughout the entire process.

Family law lawyers in Lugo

Quantity claims

Quantity claims are exercised to demand payment of a debt or compensation for damage caused. At LVG Legal we help you claim what you are entitled to, through judicial or extrajudicial means.

Family law lawyers in Lugo

Eviction procedure

The eviction procedure is one that is initiated to recover possession of a home or rented premises. Our family lawyers can also represent and advise you in these cases.

Family law lawyers in Lugo


At LVG Legal we offer you a comprehensive service regarding leases, both urban and rural. We advise you on drafting and reviewing contracts, and on any other issue related to rental.

Family law lawyers in Lugo

Damage law

In addition to working as family lawyers, we are specialists in damage and civil liability law, and we help you claim or defend yourself against any type of damage: accidents, negligence, falls...

Family law lawyers in Lugo

Obligations and contracts

These documents are the main sources of civil law, and regulate legal relationships between people. At LVG Legal we offer you professional advice in reference to obligations and contracts.

Family law lawyers in Lugo

Intellectual property

At LVG Legal, in addition to family law lawyers, we are experts in intellectual property, and we advise you on how to register and protect your rights as the author or owner of works of any type.

Family law lawyers in Lugo

Judicial proceedings

We have lawyers with extensive experience in the civil procedural field. We represent and defend you before any type of judicial procedure, and we guarantee a professional defense of your interests.

We explain everything you need to know about family law

What are the main types of divorce that exist?

The main types of divorce that exist are contentious divorce and divorce by mutual agreement, depending on whether or not there is consensus on the conditions of the marital breakdown. All separation processes can raise doubts and concerns, which is why our divorce lawyers in Lugo are available to answer your questions.

How is child custody determined in a divorce case?

Custody of children in the event of divorce can be shared or exclusive, differing in whether both parents share time with the children equally, or if custody and care is assigned to one of the parents. Our matrimonial lawyers will help you determine custody according to the best interests of the minor, taking into account the circumstances of each case.

When should I file a claim?

You should file a claim when someone owes you money for any reason, from a loan to an unpaid bill. Our family lawyers can also help you manage a claim for money effectively and quickly.

How is an inheritance divided when there is a will?

When there is a will, the division of an inheritance is done according to what is established therein and always respecting the legitimate parts, those parts of the inheritance that correspond to the forced heirs: descendants, ascendants and spouses. As inheritance lawyers in Lugo, we help you with the management and division of your assets.

Family law lawyers in Lugo

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At LVG Legal we offer completely personalized advice to each client. We know that each case is different and requires specialized attention adapted to your needs: therefore, we invite you to contact our family law lawyers in Lugo to request more information or resolve any questions you may have about our services.