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International Purchase: Foreigners Choose The North of Spain to retirement.


  For decades foreigners greatest´s Spanish attraction was the sun and the Mediterranean beaches. What initially was a summer vacation, especially for the northern Europeans who sought sun and heat, ended up becoming a retirement home for many of them. However, the excessive heat in comparison with their countries, the cultural difference or even the arid landscapes typical from that part of our country, caused citizens of the British, Dutch, German and so to look for other Spanish locations mo...

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Purchase a property with a mortgage


REAL STATE PURCHASE, There are many issues to consider when purchasing a property 1.-Preliminary contract This is a contract regulated by civil Spanish Code whereby both parties sign a contract to commit to the buying and selling the property. If the buyer decides not to buy the property, he loses the deposit, by contrast, if the vendor decides not to sell, he must return  double the amount of the deposit as indemnification. 2.- Resident´s association The buyer must make sure that all bills...

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